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What is fitness?

What is fitness?  Not the definition you would find in a dictionary or a personal trainer would readily explain to anyone in earshot.  I mean what is fitness to you?  A majority of the United States population is well aware of the guidelines to reach and maintain an accepted fitness level.  We are all inundated with the research, advice and products that promise results when it comes to our personal fitness level and personal it is. My standard of fitness for myself is a lot different than what my friend, who is the same age and approximately same health status, has in mind for herself.  She attends yoga and meditation classes, walks or bikes everywhere and only consumes organic products.  I, on the other hand feel energized by competition, have no idea what it is like to stay still for more than 30 minutes and eat relatively healthy but would like to launch a movement to make ice cream a major food group!  Yet, we both feel fit and healthy.   When you accept that personal fitness changes and evolves as you do, anyone is capable of being fit.  Here are questions to begin to help evolve your personal fitness level: 

  1. How do you feel today?  Figuring out your starting point is an essential step to determine what your ideal level of fitness is. 
  2. How do you want to feel? Not everyday we feel like Superman, but there is a difference between feeling good once in awhile and feeling healthy and resilient for the rest of your life.  Write down what you are feeling and even look like when your ideal is reached.  Be careful here, do not compare yourself to others or strive to look like someone else.  The challenge is to envision your ideal fitness level in detail.
  3. How are you going to achieve this level of fitness?  What steps are you willing to take today?  Remember, these are steps that are related to your unique fitness goals, not your friends, partners, or co-workers. 
  4. How will you know when you reached that level?  What does success look like to you?  Whether it is walking to the end of the driveway by next week Friday or running a marathon six months from now – write down what is able to be accomplished once you have reached your personal fitness level.

 Congratulations, you have just set up your personal vision for your fitness level!  Now put it to action and you have laid a great foundation towards resilience and total wellness. 



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